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Sunrise Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is engaged in is a holy and great cause.Climate,geography and harmony achieved easterns dream that  they want to be messenger of human health.The company has a strong technical team and excellent management team,scientific cultivation, humane management.Shoulder the mission to maintain the original ecosystem,the quality of survival,put Chinese herbal medicine toward the world.Implementation of information technology to stimulate industrialization,information technology to promote the industrialization of information technology strategy.Uphold the integrity first, quality first as marketing idea.Adopt talent strategy,train talented person, to build an effective team.To create a natural green brand,In the industry we have established a good corporate image.Innovation, cooperation and win-win will be the companys business strategy which will never change.We are looking forward to become the industry leader ,in the trend of common development of traditional medicine with modern medicine , in the sweat glistening and lofty ideals of Orientals.