Planting base

Geographical conditions: Inner Mongolia something narrow geographical distribution in our country.soil diversity,long hours of sunshine in most areas, particularly suitable for the growth of wild herbs and herbal cultivation.The distribution of authentic Chinese herbal medicine in our region here are102 kinds of varieties,the east mainly have divaricate saposhnikovia root、Milkvetch Root、baical skullcap root、lightyellow sophora root;Central main to radix  Radix Platycodonis, the western have liquorice root、bree、Ephedra etc,these herbs are very famous in the country and the world .
     Inner Xinganmeng has a long history in planting herbs,eastern Inner Mongolia,Chinese herbal medicine planting area.Climatic conditions:eastern Inner Mongoliais continental monsoon climate,annual rainfall of about 442.6 mm,frost-free period134 days, annual average temperature above zero5℃,hilly woodland, valleys, climate resource protection intact,forests, grasslands, wetlands, lakes,basically in the original ecology, soil belongs to black humus soil,rich in trace elements, suitable for tubersgr own herbs, medicinal herbs and good quality.